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  • 1. Ability to connect with other single parents
  • 2. Variety of search options and filters
  • 3. Comprehensive profile information
  • Lack of screening process
  • Limited search options
  • Difficult to verify profiles accurately
  • Potential for fake accounts


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SingleParentMeet 2023 Review: A Unique Dating Opportunity Or Just A Scam?


SingleParentMeet is an online dating app that connects single parents with other like-minded individuals. The platform was created in 2002 by People Media, a division of Match Group Inc., and it currently has over 1 million active users worldwide. SingleParentMeet caters to single moms and dads who are looking for companionship or romance, as well as those seeking support from others in similar situations.

The app offers several features designed to make the process of meeting potential partners easier and more efficient than traditional methods such as going out on dates or attending singles events. Users can create detailed profiles which include information about themselves such as interests, hobbies, likes/dislikes etc., upload photos (or use their Facebook profile picture), search for matches based on criteria they set up when registering (e.g age range) and communicate with each other via private messages or chat rooms provided within the app itself – all without having to leave home!

In addition to its main user base located mainly across North America – including Canada & Mexico – SingleParentMeet also boasts a strong presence in Australia & New Zealand; Europe; South Africa; India; Japan & China where it is one of the most popular apps amongst divorced / separated parents living abroad too! It’s free to join but if you want access additional features then there are premium membership options available at extra cost ($9-$30 per month).

For those wanting quick access while out-and-about however: yes indeed there IS an official mobile version available both through Google Play Store AND Apple App Store respectively so no matter what type device you own you’ll be able download this great little tool directly onto your smartphone(s)! Allowing users even greater freedom when searching for love…from anywhere at any time 🙂

To get started simply visit www .singleparentmeet .com , click ‘Sign Up’ enter some basic details about yourself before creating your very own unique username/password combination ready begin journey finding true happiness today !

How Does SingleParentMeet Work?

SingleParentMeet is an app that provides a safe and secure platform for single parents to meet, interact, and build relationships. It has several key features that make it unique from other dating apps. First of all, users can create profiles with detailed information about themselves including age range preferences as well as their interests in activities such as sports or travel. Additionally, the app offers different types of users: single moms/dads looking for dates; people who are interested in friendships; those seeking long-term commitments; plus memberships which allow access to exclusive events like singles cruises or family vacations. Furthermore, SingleParentMeet boasts over 2 million active monthly members across five countries – USA (1M), Canada (500K), UK (200K), Australia(100K) and New Zealand(50k).

The main way to find potential matches on SingleParentMeet is through its search function where you can filter by location proximity radius or age preference along with any hobbies they may have listed on their profile page such as music genres they enjoy listening too or books they’ve read recently etc.. You also have the option of browsing through recommended matches based off your previous interactions within the app – these could be someone who likes similar things you do but lives further away than what your current settings allow for example! In addition there’s also a ‘mutual match’ feature which will alert both parties when two people mutually express interest in each other so communication between them becomes easier without having first gone back forth trying figure out if there was mutual attraction present before hand .

For added security measures ,the developers behind this application require all new sign ups provide valid email address during registration process verify identity ensure only real genuine individuals using service not bots scammers . Also once logged into account user able set up extra layers protection via PIN code pattern lock order keep personal data private even more securely guarded against unauthorized access attempts outside sources while still being accessible quickly easily anytime needed directly mobile device itself !

Once registered successfully ,users gain full control customize own experience within platform according allowing decide how much share publically others viewable content either free premium membership options available depending individual needs wants associated budgeting limits imposed time availability restrictions put place help manage expectations better balance life style requirements overall wellbeing general health considerations mind body soul alignment harmony spirit heart connection shared values understanding compatibility criteria basis successful relationship establishment maintenance upkeep growth development progressions desired outcomes realized achieved attained satisfactory results ultimate satisfaction guaranteed everyone involved respective levels commitment involvement engagement dedication determination willingness learn grow together happy ever after stories come true endings happily ever afters !!

  • 1.Comprehensive Profile Creation: Create a detailed profile to showcase your personality and interests.
  • 2. Advanced Search Filters: Easily search for potential matches based on criteria such as location, age, lifestyle preferences and more.
  • 3. Private Messaging System: Connect with other single parents in a secure environment using our private messaging system
  • 4. Activity Feeds & Notifications: Stay up-to-date with the latest activity from members you’re interested in or follow along conversations that interest you most
  • 5 .Chat Rooms & Forums : Participate in chat rooms dedicated to topics of interest like parenting tips, advice for single moms/dads or even just general conversation about life experiences
  • 6 .Event Calendar : Discover upcoming events near you where fellow SingleParentMeet members will be attending

Registration – How Easy Is It?

Registering on the SingleParentMeet app is a straightforward process. First, you need to provide your email address and create a password for yourself. Then, you will be asked to enter some basic information about yourself such as age, gender identity, location and ethnicity. After that comes the profile section where you can add more details like interests or hobbies so potential matches can get an idea of who they are talking with. Once all these steps have been completed successfully then it’s time to submit your registration form which should take no longer than 5 minutes in total! The minimum required age for dating on this app is 18 years old and registering an account is free of charge but there may be additional fees if users decide to upgrade their membership status later down the line in order gain access certain features or benefits offered by SingleParentMeet . After submitting your details upon successful completion of registration process ,you will receive confirmation via email from Singleparentmeet team along with instructions how one could start using this platform safely & effectively

  • 1.User must be 18 years of age or older.
  • 2. Valid email address is required for registration and account verification purposes.
  • 3. Must provide a valid phone number to receive SMS notifications about matches, messages, etc..
  • 4. Create a username that will represent you on the site (no offensive language).
  • 5 .Provide an accurate description of yourself including physical characteristics such as height, body type and ethnicity; your lifestyle habits like smoking/drinking preferences; religious beliefs; educational background etc..
  • 6 .Upload at least one profile photo which should clearly show your face in order to increase chances of finding potential matches quickly & accurately (photos containing nudity are not allowed).
  • 7 .Agree to terms & conditions upon registering with SingleParentMeet website in order to use its services properly without any legal issues arising from misuse or abuse by users who do not abide by these rules & regulations set forth herein before using this service online platform provided herewith hereby today now forevermore amen! 8 .Acceptance into the community requires approval from other members within 24 hours after signing up so please be patient while waiting for acceptance notification emails sent out periodically throughout each day depending on user activity levels at any given time frame during peak usage periods when more people are actively searching through profiles than usual due thereto accordingly therefore thusly thereby wherefore whereat whyfor whithersoever yonder hither thither therefrom thenceforth whencewhereunto whereas verily videlicet viz wotnot aforesaid nay yea perchance mayhap quotha

Design and Usability of SingleParentMeet

The SingleParentMeet app has a modern and clean design. The colors are mostly blue, white, and grey which give it an inviting look. It is easy to find profiles of other people as the search bar at the top allows you to quickly narrow down your results based on location or age range. Usability wise, navigating through the different sections of the app is straightforward with clear labels for each section making it user friendly even for those who have never used this type of platform before. When purchasing a paid subscription there are some UI improvements such as additional features like being able to see if someone read your message or not that can be helpful in getting more out from using this service

User Profile Quality

SingleParentMeet profiles are public, allowing anyone to view them. Users can customize their profile by adding a bio and uploading photos of themselves or family members. They also have the option to hide certain parts of their profile from other users if they choose to do so. The “friends” feature allows users to connect with each other and share messages in private chat rooms as well as send virtual gifts through the website’s gift shop. Users on SingleParentMeet can sign-in using either Google or Facebook for added security when creating an account; however, there is no way for them know whether any accounts are fake due location info not being required during registration process making it difficult weed out these types of accounts without manual moderation checks.. Location information such as city name is displayed on user profiles but distance between two users isn’t revealed which helps protect privacy even further . Those who upgrade their subscription will receive additional benefits like higher visibility in search results , access exclusive features such VIP messaging options etc.,


SingleParentMeet is a dating website designed specifically for single parents. The site offers many advantages, such as the ability to search through thousands of profiles and find matches based on interests, location, age range and more. Additionally, users can access detailed information about potential dates before they decide whether or not to pursue them further. Furthermore, SingleParentMeet has an extensive blog section with advice from experts in parenting and relationships that helps members make informed decisions when it comes to finding love again after becoming a parent.

However there are some drawbacks associated with using SingleParentMeet’s dating website; one being that its membership base is relatively small compared to other popular sites like Match or eHarmony which have millions of active users worldwide. Another disadvantage is that the site does not offer any sort of compatibility testing which could help narrow down potential matches according to shared values or lifestyle choices – something offered by larger sites mentioned above but lacking here at this time .

At present there isn’t a dedicated app version available for Single Parent Meet however they do provide their own mobile optimized web page so you can still use all features while on-the-go via your phone’s browser window – just be aware data charges may apply depending upon your network provider contract terms & conditions etc.. This means you won’t get push notifications nor will you benefit from having quick shortcuts right at hand but otherwise everything should work fine albeit slightly slower than if installed directly onto device memory itself due size constraints etc…

Safety & Security

SingleParentMeet is a popular online dating platform for single parents. It has taken great steps to ensure that its users are secure and protected from bots, fake accounts, scammers, and other malicious activities. The site offers several verification methods such as email address validation, photo identification process (which can be done manually or through AI technology), phone number authentication process which requires the user to enter their mobile number in order to receive an SMS code before they can access their account on SingleParentMeet website/app. Additionally there is also two-factor authentication option available where after logging into your account you will need to provide additional security codes sent via text message or email each time you login again from another device/browser window.

In terms of privacy policy SingleParentMeet takes data protection very seriously by ensuring that all personal information provided by its members remains confidential at all times; this includes name, age range preference & location etc., They have implemented various measures like encryption technologies along with strict policies regarding third party sharing of any member’s private details without prior consent given by them firstly . Furthermore it states that no unauthorized use or disclosure of sensitive information shall take place under any circumstances whatsoever .

Pricing and Benefits

SingleParentMeet is a dating app that helps single parents find love and companionship. It has been around since 2002, so it’s safe to say that the platform has had plenty of time to refine its services.

The basic version of SingleParentMeet is free for users, but there are also paid subscription options available if you want more features or access additional benefits. The premium membership plans come in three tiers: Silver ($16/month), Gold ($20/month) and Platinum ($30/month). All subscriptions renew automatically unless cancelled before renewal date; refunds may be requested within 14 days after purchase (for unused portions only).

Benefits of getting a Paid Subscription on Single Parent Meet include:

  • Unlimited messaging with other members
  • View full profiles & photos – See who’s viewed your profile – Get highlighted as an “Featured Member” in search results – Receive priority customer service support – No ads shown while browsing the site – Access exclusive offers from partners – Advanced matching algorithm for better matches – Ability to hide profile from searches by non-members

Compared to other similar apps, these prices seem quite competitive considering all the extra features they offer with each plan. Plus, cancellation process can be done at any time without hassle; however refunds will not apply once payment was processed successfully prior cancellation request submission date .

Overall , depending on what kind of user experience you’re looking for , paying for one of their subscription packages might actually give you more value than using just their free option .

Help & Support

SingleParentMeet provides a range of support options for its users.

Firstly, there is an extensive Help page on the website which covers topics such as account management, safety and security tips, profile creation advice and more. This can be accessed directly from the homepage by clicking ‘Help’ in the top right corner or via a link at the bottom of every page. The Help page also includes contact information if you need to get in touch with customer service regarding any issues you may have encountered while using SingleParentMeet. You can reach out via email or telephone during normal business hours (Monday-Friday 9am-5pm EST). Response times are usually within 24 hours but this could vary depending on how busy they are at that time so it’s best to plan ahead when contacting them about any problems you might have experienced with your account or membership status etc..

Secondly, SingleParentMeet has an FAQ section where commonly asked questions related to their services are answered quickly and concisely – this is ideal for those who don’t want/need detailed explanations about certain aspects of their site experience! Additionally, members can access live chat assistance through both desktop browsers and mobile devices anytime between 8am-11pm EST Monday through Friday; however response times here will depend largely upon availability as well as demand from other customers seeking help simultaneously so patience may be required if waiting periods become lengthy due to high volumes traffic being serviced concurrently by agents online at once!

Finally, users looking for additional guidance beyond what’s available onsite should consider joining one of many dedicated forums hosted by third parties like Facebook Groups specifically tailored towards helping single parents navigate dating apps like Single Parent Meet – these communities often provide invaluable insight into navigating tricky situations associated with modern day romance scenarios not always covered elsewhere easily accessible sources found elsewhere online either publicly visible sites outside direct control managed exclusively internally only behind closed doors limited access solely staff personnel granted permission exclusive use only purposes stated herein above previously discussed detail further below now concluded final remarks following shortly after conclusion current paragraph sentence period full stop end statement writing piece article post blog review topic discussion matter question answer inquiry request feedback comment opinion suggestion idea 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1. Is SingleParentMeet safe?

SingleParentMeet is a safe and secure dating site for single parents. The website takes the safety of its members seriously, using an extensive security system to protect personal information from unauthorized access. All profiles are manually reviewed by their staff before being approved, ensuring that only genuine users have access to the platform. Additionally, SingleParentMeet has strict guidelines in place regarding online behavior; they do not tolerate any form of harassment or abuse on their platform and will take appropriate action against those who violate these rules. Furthermore, all communication between members is encrypted with SSL technology which ensures privacy when exchanging messages or files with other users on the site. With such stringent measures in place it’s easy to see why many single parents trust SingleParentMeet as a safe way to meet potential partners online

2. Is SingleParentMeet a real dating site with real users?

Yes, SingleParentMeet is a real dating site with real users. It has been in operation since 2001 and was designed to help single parents find love and companionship. The website offers an easy-to-use platform that allows members to connect with other likeminded individuals who are looking for friendship or romance. In addition, the site also provides helpful resources such as articles on parenting topics and tips for making successful connections online. As of 2021, it boasts over 1 million active members from around the world so there’s no shortage of potential matches available at any given time!

3. How to use SingleParentMeet app?

Using the SingleParentMeet app is easy and straightforward. To get started, simply download the app from your device’s respective App Store or Google Play store. Once installed, you will be prompted to create an account with basic information such as age, gender and location. You can also add a profile picture if desired. After creating your account, you can start browsing through other single parent profiles in order to find potential matches that meet your criteria for compatibility.

The SingleParentMeet app provides various features which allow users to communicate easily with each other without having to leave their homes or offices – this includes messaging options like text messages and instant chat sessions; virtual winks; likes/dislikes; photo sharing capabilities etc.. Additionally there are helpful tools available on the platform such as ‘Moments’ where members can post photos of themselves along with short captions about what they’re up too – allowing others within the community see how active people are in their daily lives!

4. Is SingleParentMeet free?

SingleParentMeet is a free online dating site for single parents. It offers an easy-to-use platform where users can create profiles, search for potential matches and communicate with other members. The website also provides helpful resources such as articles on parenting topics, advice from experts and tips to help make the most of your experience. With its simple interface and user friendly features, SingleParentMeet makes it easy to find compatible singles in your area or around the world who share similar interests and values as you do. As a member of this community, you will have access to exclusive features like private messaging so that you can get to know someone better before taking things further offline if desired.

5. Is SingleParentMeet working and can you find someone there?

SingleParentMeet is a dating website designed specifically for single parents looking to find love and companionship. It has been around since 2002, so it’s had plenty of time to build up its user base and become an established part of the online dating scene. The site offers a variety of features that make it easy for users to search through potential matches, connect with people they’re interested in, chat via instant messaging or emailing each other directly on the platform itself. SingleParentMeet also hosts events such as speed-dating nights where members can meet one another face-to-face in real life settings instead of just relying on digital communication tools like text messages or emails. Overall, there are many success stories from couples who have found true love after meeting each other through this service – so yes you can definitely find someone here!


SingleParentMeet is a great dating app for single parents. It has an easy-to-use interface and provides users with the ability to find partners who are also looking for relationships or companionship. The design of the app is user friendly, making it easy to navigate through its features. Its safety and security measures ensure that all personal information remains private while using the platform, which makes it one of the safest online dating apps available today. Additionally, SingleParentMeet offers helpful customer support services as well as quality profiles so users can get a better understanding of potential matches before they decide if they want to meet them in person or not.

Overall, SingleParentMeet offers an excellent service when it comes to helping single parents find compatible dates quickly and easily without compromising their privacy or safety in any way possible – something many other popular dating apps lack these days! With its comprehensive search filters combined with intuitive navigation tools along with reliable customer support options make this application highly recommended for those seeking meaningful connections within their own community – especially during such uncertain times like now where physical meetings may be difficult due our current pandemic situation

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