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Fetlife 2023 Review: A Unique Dating Opportunity Or Just A Scam?


Fetlife is an online social networking app that caters to people with alternative lifestyles. It was launched in 2008 by John Baku, a Canadian software developer who wanted to create a safe space for members of the BDSM and fetish communities. Since then, Fetlife has grown into one of the most popular apps among these groups and now boasts over 8 million active users worldwide.

Who can you find on this app? On Fetlife, anyone interested in exploring their sexuality or kinks are welcome – from those just starting out to experienced practitioners looking for like-minded individuals or events nearby. The platform also provides resources such as articles about different topics related to fetishes and BDSM practices so users can learn more about them before they start experimenting themselves if they choose too do so safely.

How many active users are on FetLife and how it was launched? As mentioned earlier, there are currently around 8 million registered members using the site regularly since its launch back in 2008 when it started off as an invite-only community website called “Friends With Kinky Benefits” created by John Baku himself after he had difficulty finding other people with similar interests near him at that time.. Who owns it and in what 5 countries is it most popular? The company behind FetLife is still owned by Mr Bakula but now operates under his new venture – LifeKink Inc., which also runs several other websites focused on various aspects of human sexuality including polyamory dating sites etc… In terms of popularity however ,the US remains its biggest market followed closely by Canada while UK , Germany & Australia round up top five . Is the App free To Use ? Yes ! Users have access all features without having pay anything although premium subscription plans exist should someone wish upgrade experience even further . Does FETLIFE Have An APP ? Absolutely! Both Android & iOS versions available through respective stores absolutely free making easier than ever explore world’s largest collection content dedicated alternative lifestyle choices anytime anywhere user desires … All need register account first either directly via official website mobile device once logged proceed searching profiles others participating discussions/groups already established ..

How Does Fetlife Work?

Fetlife is an app that provides a platform for people with alternative lifestyles to connect and share their experiences. It has been designed to make it easy for users of all backgrounds, genders, orientations and interests to find each other in a safe online environment. The key features of the Fetlife app include detailed profiles which allow members to express themselves freely; private messaging so they can communicate securely; events listings where like-minded individuals can meet up or attend gatherings; groups dedicated towards specific topics such as BDSM play styles or fetishes – allowing members from around the world who have similar interests come together easily; photo galleries so that everyone involved can show off their favorite images without fear of judgement.

Finding profiles on FetLife is simple – you just need your username/password combination (or signup if you don’t already have one). Once logged in, simply search by gender, orientation or location using filters provided by the site’s advanced search engine feature. You will then be presented with results based on those criteria along with basic information about each user including age range and sexual preference(s). Additionally there are options available within these searches which enable more refined searching capabilities such as distance away from yourself geographically speaking when looking at potential matches locally etcetera .

The types of users vary greatly but most commonly consist mainly out of kinksters seeking companionship either casually through chatting/dating apps , serious relationships leading into marriage type scenarios , friends only situations & everything else between depending upon what someone may desire . There are also many professionals offering services ranging from professional dominatrixes / submissives right down too lifestyle coaches & photographers catering specifically towards fetishists alike making this application ideal for anyone wanting anything related pertaining too this particular topic matter regardless whether its casual encounters / networking opportunities OR something much deeper than even initially thought possible before joining up here !

Currently there are over 8 million active monthly users worldwide spread across countries like USA (4 Million), UK (1 Million) Canada (.5 Million), Australia (.3 Million) Germany (.2 Millon )and France (.15 Milion ). This shows how popular FetLife really is amongst various communities no matter what part of the world they live in! With new additions being added regularly due tot he ever growing popularity its becoming increasingly easier everyday finding exactly whatever it maybe somebody seeks out via useage associated here within !

  • 1.Kinkster Connections: Fetlife allows users to connect with like-minded individuals and find potential partners, friends, or mentors in the BDSM community.
  • 2. Groups & Events: Find local groups and events that cater to your interests or create one of your own!
  • 3. Discussions & Forums: Participate in discussions about topics related to kink and BDSM on Fetlife’s forums.
  • 4. Private Messaging System: Send private messages directly between members for a more secure way of communicating online than public posts allow for.
  • 5 . Photo Albums : Upload photos from special occasions such as munches, play parties , classes etc., so you can share them with other members who may not have been able to attend .
  • 6 . Safety Tips : Get helpful advice on how best practice safety when engaging in activities involving bondage , discipline/dominance submission / masochism (BDSM) through articles written by experienced professionals within the lifestyle

Registration – How Easy Is It?

Registering on the Fetlife app is a simple process. First, you will need to provide your email address and create a username and password. Then, you must enter some basic information about yourself such as age, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation and location (country). You also have the option of adding an optional profile photo at this stage if desired. After submitting these details successfully, you will be taken to another page where more detailed information can be provided including interests/kinks/fetishes that may apply to your lifestyle choices or desires. Once all fields are completed accurately with valid input data then registration is complete! The minimum required age for dating on Fetlife is 18 years old; however it should be noted that users under 21 cannot post explicit content in their profiles nor can they join any adult-oriented groups within the platform itself – regardless of their actual ages being above 18 years old . Registration for FetLife does not cost anything so anyone who meets those criteria can sign up without having to pay any fees whatsoever!

  • 1.Must be 18 years of age or older.
  • 2. Provide a valid email address and create a unique username for your account.
  • 3. Create an individual profile page with information about yourself, including any fetishes you are interested in exploring/participating in (optional).
  • 4. Agree to the terms of service and privacy policy upon registration completion, which includes not posting offensive content on Fetlife’s platform or engaging in illegal activities while using it as well as agreeing to receive emails from Fetlife administrators regarding updates and other important notices related to the site’s usage rules/policies .
  • 5. Upload one photo that accurately reflects who you are (this can be changed at any time) – this will help others identify if they would like connect with you based off what is seen visually first before reading through your profile details further down the line!
  • 6 .Create connections by adding friends, joining groups relevant to your interests & sending messages out into cyberspace – make sure these interactions stay respectful & appropriate though so everyone feels comfortable when interacting here online 🙂 7 . Respect all users’ boundaries – no matter how tempting it may seem; do not pressure anyone into doing something they don’t want too just because ‘it seems fun’. Everyone has their own limits & preferences when it comes sexual exploration within BDSM communities such as this one…so please respect them accordingly! 8.. Abide by all safety guidelines provided by FetLife administrators- keep personal information private until both parties feel comfortable enough sharing more intimate details after getting acquainted better over time etc…

Design and Usability of Fetlife

The Fetlife app has a modern design, with bright colors and an easy-to-navigate layout. It features bold fonts that are easy to read and buttons that stand out against the background. The profile pages have plenty of information about users so you can easily find people who share your interests or lifestyle choices. Navigating through the app is simple as well; all options are clearly labeled and accessible from any page within just one click. With its intuitive interface, it’s straightforward to use even for first time users without much experience in navigating apps like this one. For those who purchase a paid subscription there may be some UI improvements such as more customization options but overall the usability remains unchanged regardless of whether you pay or not

User Profile Quality

Fetlife is a social networking site for people interested in BDSM, kink and alternative lifestyles. The user profiles on Fetlife are public and can be viewed by anyone with an account. Users have the option to set up a custom bio as well as add photos or videos of themselves. There is also a “friends” feature that allows users to connect with other members who share similar interests or activities.

When it comes to privacy, Fetlife offers several settings that allow users to control how much information they want visible on their profile page including location info which can be hidden if desired but may reveal city-level details depending on what has been provided by the user when signing up for an account. Additionally, there isn’t any Google or Facebook sign-in feature so fake accounts are less likely than some other sites where this type of authentication exists . Lastly, premium subscribers benefit from having more visibility within search results due higher quality content associated with their profile pages such as additional images and videos plus access exclusive features like private messaging between friends only available through paid subscriptions


Fetlife is a social networking website that caters to people with alternative lifestyles and interests. It provides an online platform for members to connect, share experiences, discuss topics of interest, post events and more. The site also has its own dating feature which allows users to search for potential partners based on their preferences such as age range or location. Some of the main advantages include being able to meet like-minded individuals in your area who are interested in exploring similar fetishes or activities; you can easily filter out those not suitable by setting up certain criteria when searching profiles; it’s free and easy signup process makes it accessible even if you don’t have much experience using websites like this one; finally there is no need for personal information exchange since all communication happens through the Fetlife messaging system instead of emailing each other directly.

The difference between Fetlife’s website version compared with its app lies mainly within user interface design: while both offer access to the same features (such as profile creation/searching) they differ slightly in terms of navigation – whereas desktop version offers larger menus & buttons at top level pages making them easier viewable on bigger screens than mobile devices do – hence why many prefer using apps over sites due convenience & accessibility from anywhere anytime without having go through browser logins every time needed use service again! On downside though – some functions may be missing from either platforms depending what device used so best check before downloading anything make sure everything wanted available beforehand!

Safety & Security

Fetlife is a social networking platform for people with alternative lifestyles. It takes security seriously and has implemented several measures to protect its users from bots, fake accounts, phishing attempts, and other malicious activities. The site requires all new members to verify their email address before they can access the full features of Fetlife. This helps prevent spammers or scammers from creating multiple accounts using different emails addresses in order to target unsuspecting victims on the website. Additionally, photos are manually reviewed by moderators prior to being posted publicly on Fetlife; this ensures that no inappropriate images are uploaded onto the site while also helping reduce any potential risks associated with automated photo recognition technology (AI). Furthermore, two-factor authentication is available as an extra layer of protection for user profiles – this feature allows users who have enabled it additional peace of mind when accessing their account information online since it adds another step in verifying identity upon login attempt(s).

In terms of privacy policy compliance standards set forth by applicable laws and regulations such as GDPR/CCPA etc., FetLife strictly adheres thereto which includes but not limited too: providing clear notice about what data will be collected at signup & during usage; obtaining explicit consent from end-users regarding collection & use thereof; granting opt out rights should individuals wish not participate further within said service offerings provided via app/website interface amongst others – overall safeguarding user’s personal identifiable information through secure encryption protocols along w/ regular audit processes conducted internally thus ensuring highest levels safety precautions taken into consideration throughout entirety operational lifecycle stages pertaining same

Pricing and Benefits

Fetlife is a social networking app for people interested in BDSM, kink and alternative lifestyles. It has been around since 2008 and boasts over 8 million members worldwide. The question of whether or not users need to pay for Fetlife depends on what they are looking to get out of the experience.

The basic version of Fetlife is free, which allows users access to most features including creating profiles, joining groups and forums as well as messaging other members within their network. This can be enough if you’re just looking for an online community where you can explore your interests without having any financial commitment involved – but it does come with some limitations such as limited search options and no ability to view private photos/videos posted by other members unless granted permission from them directly (which may take time).

For those who want more control over their profile page or would like additional features such as advanced search filters then there is also a paid subscription option available called “Gold Membership” that offers these benefits at $7 per month ($20 every 3 months) or $60 annually (billed once yearly). Benefits include:

  • Ability To View Private Photos & Videos From Other Members Without Permission
  • Advanced Search Filters – Priority Support – No Ads    – Discounts On Events & Merchandise              
              􀂃 Access To Exclusive Content And Features Such As Live Chats With Experts In Kink Related Fields .

In terms of cancellation process ,it’s quite straightforward; all one needs do cancel the membership before its renewal date arrives so that no further payments will be taken after this point . Refunds are given only when requested within 7 days after payment was made ; otherwise refunds cannot be issued due tot he nature o fthe services provided being digital products rather than physical ones .

Overall , while paying up front might seem expensive initially compared t oother apps offering similar services , many find th ebenefits outweighing costs in terms fo raccessibility adn convenience when it comes down t obeing ablet oparticipate fullyin fetlives activities nad events across different countries globally !

Help & Support

Fetlife is a great platform for people to connect with each other and explore their kinks. It also offers support services that can help users in need of assistance or advice.

The first way you can access Fetlife’s support services is through the “Help & Support” page on its website. This page provides information about common issues, such as how to reset your password or troubleshoot problems when uploading photos and videos. Additionally, there are links to contact customer service via email if further assistance is needed; however, no phone number is provided at this time so all communication must be done online only. The response time from customer service varies depending on the issue but generally it takes up to 24 hours before receiving an answer back from them after submitting a request form online or sending an email inquiry directly into their system inboxes..

Another helpful resource available on Fetlife’s website are FAQ pages which provide quick answers for commonly asked questions related topics like account settings, billing inquiries etcetera . These pages offer general guidance without having wait for responses from customer service representatives who may not always have enough expertise regarding specific queries being made by members of the community since they do not specialize in any particular field within fetish lifestyle activities themselves . By reading these FAQs , users should be able find some useful tips that could potentially resolve many minor technical issues quickly without needing additional outside help


1. Is Fetlife safe?

Fetlife is a social networking website designed to help people explore their sexual interests and connect with like-minded individuals. It has been around since 2008, and it claims to have over 8 million members worldwide. The site does not contain any explicit content, but it does allow users to post images of themselves in various states of undress or even engage in virtual sex acts with other members. While Fetlife can be a great way for adults who are interested in exploring their sexuality safely and responsibly, there are some safety concerns that should be taken into consideration before joining the site.

First off, all users must verify they are 18 years old or older before being allowed access on the platform; however this age verification process may not always be reliable as minors could potentially lie about their age when signing up for an account without proper parental supervision or consent from guardians if needed depending on local laws regarding online activity by minors.. Additionally, while FetLife encourages its community members to report suspicious behavior such as harassment or bullying immediately through its reporting system feature available within each user’s profile page ,there is no guarantee that these reports will actually result in action being taken against offenders due to lack of enforcement staff monitoring every single incident reported which means perpetrators may still get away unpunished . Lastly because personal information such as real names , addresses etc can easily become public knowledge once posted onto profiles (which often happens during group discussions) ;it would therefore make sense for those considering using this service take extra precautionary measures when sharing sensitive data so others cannot misuse them maliciously outside the confines of fetlife itself .

2. Is Fetlife a real dating site with real users?

Fetlife is a social networking site that caters to people with an interest in BDSM, kink and alternative lifestyles. It has been around since 2008 and boasts over 8 million users worldwide. The website itself does not facilitate dating or hookups, but it can be used as a platform for finding potential partners who share similar interests.

The Fetlife community consists of real people from all walks of life who come together to explore their sexuality through discussion forums, groups, events and more. There are no restrictions on gender identity or sexual orientation so everyone is welcome regardless of background or lifestyle choices. Users have the option to create profiles where they can post pictures and information about themselves which other members may view if given permission by the user in question; this helps build trust between members before meeting up offline should both parties wish to do so after getting acquainted online firstly via messaging/chatting etc..

3. How to use Fetlife app?

Using the Fetlife app is a great way to explore your sexuality and meet like-minded people. The first step in using the app is creating an account, which requires you to provide basic information such as age, gender identity, sexual orientation and interests. Once your profile has been created you can start searching for other members who share similar interests or fetishes as yourself. You can also join groups related to different topics that interest you or create events where others with similar kinks/interests may attend.

When communicating with other users on Fetlife it’s important to remember that everyone should be treated respectfully regardless of their beliefs or lifestyle choices; this includes not making assumptions about someone based solely on their appearance or activities they participate in outside of Fetlife (such as BDSM). Additionally, if at any point during communication something makes another user uncomfortable then respect their wishes by stopping immediately – no one should ever feel pressured into doing anything they don’t want too! Finally, always keep safety in mind when meeting up with anyone from online sources including FetLife – take precautions such as telling friends/family where you are going beforehand and make sure both parties are comfortable before engaging further than conversation!

4. Is Fetlife free?

Fetlife is a free social networking website that caters to people with an interest in BDSM, kink and alternative lifestyles. It has been described as "a supportive community" where users can connect with like-minded individuals to explore their fetishes and interests. The site provides members the opportunity to create profiles, share photos, join groups related to their interests or lifestyle choices, discuss topics of mutual interest on forums or blogs and even arrange meetups for real life interactions. Fetlife does not charge any fees for its services; it relies solely on donations from its members in order to keep running.

5. Is Fetlife working and can you find someone there?

Yes, Fetlife is still working and you can find someone there. It’s a social networking site that focuses on the BDSM, kink, and fetish communities. The website has been around since 2008 and it currently boasts over 8 million members worldwide who are looking to explore their sexuality in an open-minded environment. You can search for people based on gender identity or sexual orientation as well as interests such as rope bondage or impact play. There are also discussion forums where users can share stories about their experiences with others from all walks of life who understand what they’re going through without judgment or stigma attached to them. Additionally, many events like munches (informal meetups) take place across the world so that members have a chance to connect face-to-face if they choose too!


In conclusion, Fetlife is a great app for those looking to find partners for dating. Its design and usability are intuitive and user-friendly; its safety and security measures are strong; help & support services offer quick response times when needed; and the quality of user profiles is generally high. All in all, it’s an excellent platform that provides users with plenty of opportunities to meet likeminded people from around the world who share similar interests or kinks. That said, there may be room for improvement in some areas such as better filtering options on search results pages or more detailed profile information fields so users can get a clearer picture of potential matches before making contact. But overall, Fetlife remains one of the best apps out there today if you’re seeking companionship online!

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